Model Customization, Modification, and Supporting

  • $15.00
    Unit price per 

I have been professionally 3D printing for over 3 years and have more than 4.5 years total of printing experience. I have seen and handled pretty much everything a standard FDM or Resin printer can throw at you.
With that experience I can easily handle anything you might need done to your files before you, or I print them.
I charge $15/hr for the various services and can provide you with a time to complete quote upon request.

If you are a patreon I can easily work out a schedule to support your monthly releases for a fair rate. See details below.


  • Model supporting
  • Patreon monthly model supporting
  • Patreon monthly model test printing
  • Model cutting and keying
  • Digital file assembly
  • Digital kitbashing (combining of pieces of models to create a new model)
  • Triangle reduction
  • File repair
  • File smoothing (Not all files can be smoothed its based on many factors)
  • File embossing (adding text or an image onto/into an existing file).

Monthly Patreon Supporting and Testing Printing

It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours per model depending on the size, how detailed/intricate it is and if it comes in an assembled and/or disassembled state.

A release of 10 human sized minis in the range of 28 to 32mm would likely cost around $45 to $100CAD to support plus licensing fee outlined below. Drop me a message to discuss the cost of test printing as many factors will greatly influence the total price.

Licensing Fee: Fee added to each monthly release being supported

Patroens with 100 subscribers or less pay no licensing fee.
Patreons with 100 to 500 subscribers pay a licensing fee of $.25 per sub.
Patreons with 501 to 1000 subscribers pay a licensing fee of $.50 per sub.
And those with a 1000 or more subscribers pay a licensing fee of $1 per sub.

***The small thinner features of our models such as weapons and thin limbs are always at a risk of being broken during transit due to limitations of 3d printing and because we are unable to control how the packages are handled. We do our best to package items in a way that will keep them safe.  If these items do break off during transit they are easily repaired with common tools, this is why we recommend only hobbyists capable and willing to perform easy repair jobs purchase our models incase the unlikely chance of breaking does occur.  We do offer replacement and refund options outlined at the link in our footer. ***

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