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Model Supporting, Modification, and Customization

Regular price $15.00 CAD

I have been professionally 3D printing for over 3 years and have just over 4.5 years of total printing experience. During this time I have seen and handled pretty much everything a standard FDM or Resin printer can throw at you.

With that experience I can easily handle anything you might need done to your files before you, or I print them.
I charge $15/hr for the various services and can provide you with a time to complete quote upon hearing the details of your project.

If you run a Patreon I can easily work out a schedule to support your monthly releases for a fair rate. See details below.


  • Model supporting
  • Patreon monthly model supporting
  • Patreon monthly model test printing
  • Model cutting and keying
  • Digital file assembly
  • Digital kitbashing (combining of pieces of many models to create a new model)
  • Triangle reduction
  • File repair
  • File smoothing (Not all files can be smoothed its based on many factors)
  • File embossing (adding text or an image onto/into an existing file).

Monthly Patreon Supporting and Testing Printing

The time to support a model is dependent on the size, how detailed/intricate it is and if it comes in an assembled and/or disassembled state. For me to provide you with an accurate quote for supporting and/or test printing I will need the files in hand but can provide a rough estimate from images of the files and some rough dimensions for the models.

A release of 10 human sized minis in the range of 28 to 32mm would likely cost around $50 to $100CAD to support plus licensing fee (outlined below).

**Licensing Fee: Fee added to each monthly release being supported**
Patroens with 50 subscribers or less pay no licensing fee.
Patreons with 50 or more subscribers pay a licensing fee of $0.50 per subscriber (determined from previous months total patreons).