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Painting Services

Painting Services

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Price Increments/Flat Rates

I provide commission painting services at a rate of $20/hr. The amount of time a painting project will take is based on many factor so prices are determined on a job by job basis please send me a message so we can discuss details and I can provide you with a quote.

**We do offer a flat rate basic mini painting price, it is based on model size. The models will get a basecoat, a wash, and some quick dry brushing in key areas. More info below.

A standard sized PC minis usually takes between 2 and 4 hours ($30 to $60) depending on the quality and complexity of the paint job you are wanting.

More examples of our past work can be seen on our Facebook and Instagram Pages

All models getting our flat rate mini painting service receive a simple base coating of all key details, a wash, and dry brushing of key areas for highlights.

Flat Rate Mini Painting Prices:

  • Small mini (goblins, halflings, etc.) - $20
  • Medium mini (humans, orcs, etc.) - $25
  • Large mini (ogre, chimera, etc.) - $40
  • Huge mini (fire giant, adult dragon) - $70
  • Gargantuan mini (purple worm, ancient dragon)-$100

  • **A discount may be applied if your minis can be batch painted (similar minis with the same paint schemes).

    **Any items (minis, terrain, etc.) used in the staging of example photos for a product are not included in the item you are purchasing, you will only receive the items outlined in title, the description, or product options.**

    Free Minis

    - Receive a Random Free Mini with every $75 spent 
    - Receive a Random Free Large Mini with every $150 spent.

    **Custom Work, Commission Work, and any Digital/Quoting work are not included in this promotion. And therefore their values wont be factored into the number of free minis you receive.**

    Shipping Rates & Deals

    Our shipping rates are calculated by Canada Post, so you are charged exactly what they are charging.

    We offer free shipping on orders over $200 shipped to Canada/USA.
    We also offer $8USD and $12CAD flat rate shipping for orders over $75 to the USA and Canada.

    Lead Times

    -Orders under $50: 3 to 6 Business Days
    -Orders from $50 to $149: 5 to 12 Business Days
    -Orders from $150 to $249: 6 to 18 Business Days
    -Orders over $250: 8 to 22 Business Days.

    **On rare occurrences highly complicated orders may take longer than the outlined times

    Scaling & Print Resolution

    - Our models can be scaled to whatever scale you need just send us a message outlining what you require. 
    -We currently offer 28mm and 32mm scales for most items on our site.

    - We recommend our standard resolution for most items, but smaller terrain pieces are best ordered at our high resolution. 
    -Standard) 0.2mm-FDM, 0.05mm-Resin
    -High) 0.15mm-FDM, 0.04mm-Resin
    -Maximum) 0.1mm-FDM, 0.02mm-Resin

    Painting Services

    -We offer commission painting services please follow this link for more information and to get in contact with us about painting.

    -We also offer a flat rate basic mini painting option starting at $10 per mini. The models will get a simple basecoat, a wash, and some quick dry brushing in key areas. More information in the above link.**

    Printing Materials

    Unless otherwise stated (description/variant title) all minis are printed with resin, and all terrain pieces are printed with filament (plastic).  
    Our items come unpainted with all support material removed. 

    -FILAMENT: We source high quality PLA from, for our FDM prints. Their high quality filament captures excellent detail will maintaining toughness and rigidity. 

    -RESIN: We mix our own house blend of resin sourced from Siraya Tech Resins. Our blend captures every detail on the model while still maintaining excellent shock absorption.

    -Our laser cut items are composed of 3/6mm thick plywood, mdf, or acrylic. The specific materials for each item will be outlined in there description. 

    Prep/Painting Recommendations

    Our items come unpainted with all support material removed.
    - Priming is not necessary but is recommended for best results any primers commonly used for miniatures will work great. Automotive filler primer is recommended for our FDM/PLA print to help reduce the visibility of layer lines. 

    - We recommend Gorilla Gel superglue for assembly of miniatures but any brand of superglue will do. Superglue activator is highly recommend to help speed up assembly.
     - If there are gaps in your models after assembly we recommend the same products used on mass produced miniatures we recommend Green Stuff, Miliput or Tamiya Putty. 
    - Our products do not need to be washed, they are thoroughly cleaned before being shipped out. DO NOT WASH/STRIP FDM/PLA prints. 
    - Some of our product(s) may benefit from a light sanding due to the limitations of 3d printing. This is rare as we strive to produce the best quality of prints; but 3d printing is not synonymous with some definitions of perfection.  

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    Returns & Replacements


    At Discount Dungeoneering we do not accept returns under any circumstance. Please make sure that your purchase is what you want and the scale is appropriate for your use cases. All products are checked for quality before shipping and are packed thoroughly to limit damage due to shipping. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us directly. 

    If the item is damaged or unusable due to our processes/procedures, we will either ship you a replacement or approve a refund/partial refund of the item(s) in question. Your refund will be processed by the next day, and a credit will automatically be credited to your original payment method within 30 days. You may request a refund be supplied in the form of store credit instead of a monetary refund. 
    **You must inform us of the damaged item within 3 days of delivery to be eligible for replacement/refunding.**

    Discount Dungeoneering offers replacements for minis that arrived damaged.
    We only offer replacements if informed about the damaged mini within 3 days of you order being delivered. If more than 3 days have passed then we are sorry but there is no way to ensure the customer hadn't damaged the miniature themselves. We require photographic proof of the damaged mini(s) and the packaging the item(s) were delivered in when undergoing a replacement request. 


    - Most of our product images are renders, due to budgetary limits. A large collection of pictures of some of our past prints can be found here.
    - Our models are 3D printed and may have tiny imperfections or print lines. Some of our miniatures may require assembly, sanding, and/or gap filling.
    - Our print color may change over time, our products will always be provided in grey or black resin/PLA but shades may change as we adjust our materials of choice to ensure the best quality products. 
    -The smaller thinner features of our models such as weapons and thin limbs are inherently weaker and can very rarely break during transit; we package our items thoroughly to ensure print breakages are as infrequent as possible. We do offer replacement and refund options in case a break does occur during transit, the policy is outlined here.
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    Customer Reviews

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    Thomas Smith
    Loxodon Circle of Spores Druid

    First off, I would like to thank Jayden and all of the hard work they have put into bringing my idea to life. I sent them a few rough ideas and what I got was better than I could have ever imagined. It is so hard to explain what is in MY brain to other person, let alone over the internet… but Jayden understood exactly what I wanted and made it happen. The color combinations, painting techniques, shading and washing are all done with extreme talent. I wanted my guy to be “dirty”, and that really came through in the wash that Jayden choose. The size is perfect, larger than a normal humanoid but not “huge” by DND 5e standards. The material the miniature is made out of feels premium, and there is absolutely no signs of any 3D printing. I cannot express enough how happy I am with the miniature and with my experience working with Jayden. There was a delay in shipping, totally out of the shops hands (pandemic… ugh), but Jayden handled my worry with professionalism and honesty and was willing to work with me if something had happened. Thankfully, nothing did happen and I received the PERFECT miniature. Everyone at my table will be jealous. If you are hesitant about having a professional 3D printing and paint job done for a miniature, your worries end here with Discount Dungeoneering.

    tldr; 10/10 paint job and overall experience with this shop.