Returns & Replacements

The small thinner features of our models such as weapons and thin limbs are always at a risk of being broken during transit due to limitations of 3d printing and because we are unable to control how the packages are handled. We do our best to package items in a way that will keep them safe.  If these items do break off during transit they are easily repaired with common tools, this is why we recommend hobbyists capable and willing to perform easy repair jobs purchase our models incase the unlikely chance of breaking does occur.


Discount Dungeoneering does not accept returns of any product other than those that qualify for replacement outlined below. Please make sure that your purchase is what you want and the scale is appropriate for whatever you are using it for. All products are checked for quality before shipping. 

Discount Dungeoneering offers replacements for minis that arrived damaged, we split replacement applicable minis into 2 categories: repairable and unusable. The qualifications and replacement policies for each is outlined below. 
We only offer replacements if informed about the damaged mini within 3 days of you receiving your order. If more than 3 days have passed then we are sorry but there is no way to ensure the customer hadn't damaged the miniature themselves. We also require photographic proof of the damaged mini, 2 or 3 different angles is preferred. 

1. Repairable: These occur rarely.
  • Qualifications: 1 or 2 weaker pieces of the mini have broken off that can easily be repaired by the customer with common miniature hobby tools such as superglue or pining.
  • Replacement Policy: We offer 3 different options for this case outlined below.
  1. The original cost of the mini can be refunded, shipping fees are not applicable for refunding in this instance as you have chosen to keep the item and therefore the shipping has been satisfied.
  2. A replacement mini can be printed and shipped free of charge, but we require the original mini either be destroyed (photographic proof required) or the original mini must be shipped back to us. We require proof of the item being on its way before we can print the mini but it doesn't have to be received.  We do not cover return shipping costs, we are a small "cottage" business that focuses on keeping our prices as low as possible, this is one way we can keep prices lower.
  3. A full refund can be issued upon the items destruction or return. We require proof of the item being destroyed or is on its way before we can issue a refund but it doesn't have to be received yet. We do not cover return shipping costs, we are a small "cottage" business that focuses on keeping our prices as low as possible, this is one way we can keep prices lower. 

2. Unusable: We have yet to have a mini be received in this condition but we like to be prepared, shipping companies aren't always the nicest with packages.  

  • Qualifications: The mini has arrived in too many pieces to know what attaches where or when repairing the mini would take longer than a few minutes and requires uncommon tools and skills to get a functional mini. 
  • Replacement Policy: Any mini received in a truly broken/unrepairable state (outlined above) qualifies for a replacement mini that will be printed and shipped out as soon as possible free of charge.  

**We are sorry if our policies are not up to your standards but they are what we are able to offer, and if they don't fulfill your needs then we can help you find a printing service that meets your needs.**