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Model Supporting, Modification, and Customization

Model Supporting, Modification, and Customization

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I have been professionally 3D printing for over 4 years. During this time I have seen and handled pretty much everything a standard FDM or Resin printer can throw at you.

With that experience I can easily handle anything you might need done to your files before you, or I print them.
I charge $15/hr for the various services and can provide you with a time to complete quote upon hearing the details of your project.

If you run a Patreon I can easily work out a schedule to support your monthly releases for a fair rate. See details below.

  • -Model supporting
  • -Patreon supporting
  • -Patreon test printing
  • -Model cutting and keying
  • -Digital file assembly
  • -Digital kitbashing (combining of pieces of many models to create a new model)
  • -Triangle reduction
  • -File repair
  • -File smoothing (Not all files can be smoothed its based on many factors)
  • -File embossing (adding text or an image onto/into an existing file).
  • The time to support a model is dependent on the size, how detailed/intricate it is and if it comes in an assembled and/or disassembled state. For me to provide you with an accurate quote for supporting and/or test printing I will need the files in hand but can provide a rough estimate from images of the files and some rough dimensions for the models.

    A release of 10 human sized minis in the range of 28 to 32mm would likely cost around $50 to $100CAD to support plus licensing fee (outlined below).

    **Licensing Fee: Fee added to each monthly release being supported**
    Patroens with 50 subscribers or less pay no licensing fee.
    Patreons with 50 or more subscribers pay a licensing fee of $0.50 per subscriber (determined from previous months total patreons).

    **Any items (minis, terrain, etc.) used in the staging of example photos for a product are not included in the item you are purchasing, you will only receive the items outlined in title, the description, or product options.**

    Free Items

    - Receive a Random Free Mini with every $50 spent 
    - Receive a Random Free Large Mini with every $150 spent.

    **Calculated from subtotal (after discounts). Shipping does not count towards Free Items.**
    **Custom Work, Commission Work, and any Digital/Quoting work are not included in this promotion. And therefore their values wont be factored into the number of free minis you receive.**

    Shipping Rates & Deals

    Shipping rates are calculated at checkout by Canada Post, so you pay what they charge.
    We also offer flat rate shipping on orders over $50 shipped to Canada/USA.

    Free Shipping:
    ->Canada/USA) Free Shipping on orders over $125
    ->International) Free Shipping on orders over $250

    Lead Times

    -Orders under $50: 3 to 6 Business Days
    -Orders from $50 to $149: 5 to 14 Business Days
    -Orders from $150 to $249: 6 to 20 Business Days
    -Orders over $250: 10 to 25 Business Days.

    **On rare occurrences highly complicated orders may take longer than the outlined times

    Scaling & Print Resolution

    - Our models can be scaled to whatever scale you need just send us a message outlining what you require. 
    -We currently offer 28mm and 32mm scales for most items on our site.

    - We recommend our standard resolution for most items, but smaller terrain pieces are best ordered at our high resolution. 
    -Standard) 0.2mm-FDM, 0.05mm-Resin
    -High) 0.15mm-FDM, 0.04mm-Resin
    -Maximum) 0.1mm-FDM, 0.02mm-Resin

    Painting Services

    -We offer commission painting services please follow this link for more information and to get in contact with us about painting.

    -We also offer a flat rate basic mini painting option starting at $10 per mini. The models will get a simple basecoat, a wash, and some quick dry brushing in key areas. More information in the above link.**


    Unless otherwise stated (description/variant title) all minis are printed with resin, and all terrain pieces are printed with filament (plastic).  
    Our items come unpainted with all support material removed. 

    -FILAMENT: We source high quality PLA from, for our FDM prints. Their high quality filament captures excellent detail will maintaining toughness and rigidity. 

    -RESIN: We mix our own house blend of resin sourced from Siraya Tech Resins. Our blend captures every detail on the model while still maintaining excellent shock absorption.

    -Our laser cut items are composed of 3/6mm thick plywood, mdf, or acrylic. The specific materials for each item will be outlined in there description. 

    Prep, Assembly and Painting

    - Our items come unpainted with all support material removed.
    - Priming is not necessary but is recommended for best results any primers commonly used for miniatures will work great. Automotive filler primer is recommended for our FDM/PLA print to help reduce the visibility of layer lines. 

    - We recommend Gorilla Gel superglue for assembly of miniatures but any brand of superglue will do. Superglue activator is highly recommend to help speed up assembly.
     - If there are gaps in your models after assembly we recommend the same products used on mass produced miniatures we recommend Green Stuff, Miliput or Tamiya Putty. 
    - Our products do not need to be washed, they are thoroughly cleaned before being shipped out. DO NOT WASH/STRIP FDM/PLA prints. 
    - Some of our product(s) may benefit from a light sanding due to the limitations of 3d printing. This is rare as we strive to produce the best quality of prints; but 3d printing is not synonymous with some definitions of perfection.  


    Returns & Replacements

    We do not accept returns, and only offer refunds/replacements under certain circumstances outlined at the link below. 
    Return/Replacement Policy


    - Most of our product images are renders, due to budgetary limits. A large collection of pictures of some of our past prints can be found here.
    - Our models are 3D printed and may have tiny imperfections or print lines. Some of our miniatures may require assembly, sanding, and/or gap filling.
    - Our print color may change over time, our products will always be provided in grey or black resin/PLA but shades may change as we adjust our materials of choice to ensure the best quality products. 
    -The smaller thinner features of our models such as weapons and thin limbs are inherently weaker and can very rarely break during transit; we package our items thoroughly to ensure print breakages are as infrequent as possible. We do offer replacement and refund options in case a break does occur during transit, the policy is outlined here.
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