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Miniatures Advent Calendar (12 and 24 days)

Miniatures Advent Calendar (12 and 24 days)

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**Any items (minis, terrain, etc.) used in the staging of example photos for a product are not included in the item you are purchasing, you will only receive the items outlined in title, the description, or product options.**

Free Items

- Receive a Free Mini with every $50 spent 
- Receive a Free Piece of Terrain with every $100 spent.


Shipping rates are calculated at checkout by Canada Post, so you pay exactly what they charge.

- $8 Shipping for Orders over $75CAD/$60USD shipped to Canada/USA
- Free Shipping on orders over $200CAD/$160USD shipped to Canada/USA

Lead Times

We aim to have orders completed as quickly as possible, so lead times may be shorter than the given range but they will never be longer.

-Orders under $50:3 to 6 Days
-Orders from $50 to $149:6 to 10 Days
-Orders from $150 to $249:9 to 15 days
-Orders over $250:12 to 23 days.

**On rare occurrences highly complicated orders may take longer than the outlined times

Scaling & Print Resolution

- Our models can be scaled to whatever scale you need just send us a message outlining what you require. 
-We currently offer 28mm and 32mm scales for most items on our site.

- We recommend our standard resolution for most items, but smaller terrain pieces are best ordered at our high resolution. 
-Standard) 0.2mm-FDM, 0.05mm-Resin
-High) 0.15mm-FDM, 0.04mm-Resin
-Maximum) 0.1mm-FDM, 0.02mm-Resin

Painting Services

-We offer commission painting services please follow this link for more information and to get in contact with us about painting.

-We also offer a flat rate basic mini painting option starting at $10 per mini. The models will get a simple basecoat, a wash, and some quick dry brushing in key areas. More information in the above link.**


Unless otherwise stated (description/variant title) all minis are printed with resin, and all terrain pieces are printed with filament (plastic).  
Our items come unpainted with all support material removed. 

-FILAMENT: We source high quality PLA from, for our FDM prints. Their high quality filament captures excellent detail will maintaining toughness and rigidity. 

-RESIN: We mix our own house blend of resin sourced from Siraya Tech Resins. Our blend captures every detail on the model while still maintaining excellent shock absorption.

-Our laser cut items are composed of 3/6mm thick plywood, mdf, or acrylic. The specific materials for each item will be outlined in there description. 

Prep, Assembly and Painting

Our items come unpainted with all support material removed.
- Priming is not necessary but is recommended for best results any primers commonly used for miniatures will work great. Automotive filler primer is recommended for our FDM/PLA print to help reduce the visibility of layer lines. 

- We recommend Gorilla Gel superglue for assembly of miniatures but any brand of superglue will do. Superglue activator is highly recommend to help speed up assembly.
 - If there are gaps in your models after assembly we recommend the same products used on mass produced miniatures we recommend Green Stuff, Miliput or Tamiya Putty. 
- Our products do not need to be washed, they are thoroughly cleaned before being shipped out. DO NOT WASH/STRIP FDM/PLA prints. 
- Some of our product(s) may benefit from a light sanding due to the limitations of 3d printing. This is rare as we strive to produce the best quality of prints; but 3d printing is not synonymous with some definitions of perfection.  

Returns & Replacements

We do not accept returns, and only offer refunds/replacements under certain circumstances outlined at the link below. 
Return/Replacement Policy


- Most of our product images are renders, due to budgetary limits. A large collection of pictures of some of our past prints can be found here.
- Our models are 3D printed and may have tiny imperfections or print lines. Some of our miniatures may require assembly, sanding, and/or gap filling.
- Our print color may change over time, our products will always be provided in grey or black resin/PLA but shades may change as we adjust our materials of choice to ensure the best quality products. 
-The smaller thinner features of our models such as weapons and thin limbs are inherently weaker and can very rarely break during transit; we package our items thoroughly to ensure print breakages are as infrequent as possible. We do offer replacement and refund options in case a break does occur during transit, the policy is outlined here.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kayla C.

Awesome calendar!

Kyle Beckley
Great treat for TTRPG lovers!

I purchased the 24 Day Deluxe General Fantasy advent calendar. Currently on day 15 as of this review and I am incredibly happy with this purchase! Shipping was very quick. The quality and variety of the miniatures is excellent and the extra terrain pieces are also high quality. I have so much much excitement everyday getting to open these up and I can't wait to start painting the collection soon! I will definitely be purchasing more products and also the advent calendars in years to come!

Mitchell Dexter
Daily Dose of Dopamine

Absolutely love this calendar so far (day 10).
So much fun getting some mini treats each morning.
Would adore having one of these even outside the holidays.
Looking forward to getting other themed calendars for when I want new minis, but can’t decide on what to get.

Jodi Rodamaker

The absolute coolest advent calendar for the DnD enthusiast in your life. Fantastic seller, went way above and beyond helping me, customized pieces, expedited shipping. Was well wrapped, arrived quickly. Is anticipated daily and enjoyed thoroughly !!
Well worth the money.
:) Thank You !

Jim Crase
Good mini's all in all

I got the Deluxe SciFi advent. So far only 6 days in, though I have been impressed with 3 mini's so far (the other 3 were good, but nothing special so far). Of those three, the 'hover' wheelchair mini fits a character concept, and the femal 'winged and clawed' with a U shaped pistol was a great addition for a Strix operative for a friend.

I did expect based off of the information and pictures of these being 3D printed--so I was hoping the mini's were at least of decent to good resolution--and have been so far happy. It might be 'slightly' expensive (compared to a chocolate Advent calendar it is), but I think by the time I get all them open, it will likely be ~$2.50 or so a mini/terrain. Maybe slightly more expensive than buying individual mini's....but we are seeing mini's we might want to build a character around, or ones that a friend or two might want.