Bookshelf Set

Bookshelf Set

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**Receive a free random mini with every $60 spent and receive a free piece of terrain with every $100 spent, not including shipping fees.**

This company is officially licensed to sell physical prints of The Lost Adventures Company models. (Subscription #1128923335) Original digital .stl files of this model can be purchased from

All prints come unpainted with supports removed MDF bases are included if a base does not come attached to the print. We do offer print finishing and painting services if you would like to commission our services

Shipping: We have various flat rates for both domestic and international shipping. We also offer Free Shipping on orders over $75 shipped to Canada or the USA.

Print Resolution: Standard) 0.2mm-FDM, 0.05mm-Resin High) 0.15mm-FDM, 0.04mm-Resin Maximum) 0.1mm-FDM, 0.02mm-Resin

Scale: We offer different scales for most of our items, if you require different scaling than is available please send us a message and we will accommodate your needs to the best of our ability.

Turn Around Times: -Orders under $50: 3 to 6 Days -Orders from $50 to $149: 5 to 11 Days -Orders from $150 to $249: 8 to 18 days -Orders from $250 to $399: 12 to 23 days -Orders over $400: 17 to 31 Days

Many of our product images are renders, this is due to budgetary limits but we do our best to update products with images of prints whenever possible. If you'd like to see a large collection of models we have already printed to see the quality we provide please check out our facebook page.

We source high quality PLA from a leading Canadian filament supplier for our FDM prints it provides excellent detail and exemplary toughness that can withstand even the most aggressive of gamers.
We mix our own house blend of resins sourced from an industry leading North America resin manufacturer. Our blend captures every detail on the model while still maintaining excellent shock absorption allowing it to withstand even aggressive gamers as well as those clumsy ones that are always dropping models

Our models are 3D printed and may show minor imperfections or print lines. Some of our miniatures may require assembly, sanding, gap filling or priming. Priming is not required but is recommended for best results any primers commonly used for miniatures will work great. We recommend Gorilla Gel superglue for assembly of miniatures but any superglue will do.
The smaller thinner features of our models such as weapons and thin limbs are inherently weaker and can very rarely break during transit; we package our items extremely thoroughly to ensure print breakages are as rare as possible. We do offer replacement and refund options in case a break does occur during transit, the policy is outlined at the link in our footer.

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